Inland Trenchless Services

Inland Trenchless wants to be your to be your go-to sewer repair provider!

The many services we provide include video sewer line inspections, pipe lining aka CIPP-Cured-In-Place-Pipe, pipe bursting and waterline pulling.  Traditional trenching and cleanout repairs are also offered.  Simply call us to find out how we can help you.

Understanding the differences with these different services can help you make informed decisions regarding your sewer and waterline repairs.  

In the normal course of a day,  a customer calls from an ad or our website or sees us at a jobsite and inquires about how we can help them.  Normally the customer is having issues with their sewer pipes or wants to prevent future hassles by getting work done before problems start.  (Pipe lining is a good example of people taking a proactive approach to preventative maintenance as failures with Orangeburg pipe become more and more prominent).

Broken Orangeburg pipe pulled from homeowners property.
Don’t let Orangeburg pipe cause you grief. Preventative maintenance is the key to solving side sewer issues before they become a headache.
New epoxy cured felt sample to show homeowners the strength and longevity of this relatively new sewer repair technology. Image: Inland Trenchless.
Don’t let Orangeburg pipe cause you problems. Pipe relining can solve these issues quickly before they become a real nuisance. Call 509-655-3360

Sewer Pipe Camera Inspection

Depending on the situation, normally a free sewer camera line inspection is offered.  Through the inspection, flaws in the sewer line show up on the video screen.  Also, the type of pipe is determined along with the length, depth and size of the sewer line being inspected. Being able to determine the depth of the line is important because if there is a flaw in the line, the flaw is pinpointed.  The camera not only determines the depth, but also the distance out from the access point where the sewer camera began.  This location also includes the direction away from the home or the sewer main where the line problem is located. 

  It is important to know, that the accuracy of the camera inspection is only as good as the technician operating the camera. Experience really does matter when it comes to interpreting sewer line issues using advanced video technologies.  This is yet another reason to check out the company that you are thinking about hiring.

Video scope being performed by experienced technician from Inland Trenchless of Spokane Washington.
Only highly trained video technicians can decipher what is truly happening within your sewer lines. Call Inland Trenchless today for your highly experienced sewer scope inspection.

If you have further questions, simply call Inland Trenchless with any questions you may have. We love to answer questions from our customers. 

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